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Canadian delegates who attended the Jamaica Diaspora Conference earlier this year, are planning to launch Jamaican Diaspora Canada in November. This was revealed by Philip Mascoll at the annual fund-raising Dinner/Dance of the Jamaica Foundation (Hamilton), held recently at the Ukranian Church of the Resurrection in the city of Hamilton, Canada.
Mr. Mascoll, one of over 350 delegates who attended the two-day conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston in June, said the new Canadian group would serve as a conduit between Jamaica and Canada.
“Our job is to encourage Jamaicans to invest in Jamaica and to fill the economic gaps now being filled by foreigners in our beloved land. Our job will be to speak for all Jamaicans aggressively in the motherland and in our host countries,” he said.
One of the seven members named to a Diaspora Advisory Board, following the June conference, Mr. Mascoll pointed out that the Canadian delegates have formed sub-committees that will start to put together “the wisdom and expertise in our community to consider what we can do in the areas of immigration/deportation, education, social development and trade/tourism”.
Jamaican Diaspora Canada will represent the close to 300,000 Jamaicans living in Canada.

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