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Elsie Foster-Dublin, Jamaican-born Councilwoman of Highland Park, New Jersey in the United States, received the Adam Clayton Powell Political Action Award last month from the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) at the Cross Roads Theatre in New Jersey.
The award, named after the famous American politician and the first Black congressman from the Eastern United States, is awarded annually to a person who has shown an outstanding commitment to communities of colour in the field of politics.
Councilwoman Foster-Dublin, who was born in Kingston and migrated to the United States in her early teens, said that she hoped the award would inspire people, especially those of Caribbean descent.
“On hearing the news that I was to receive this award, I reflected on my childhood in Jamaica and at that time I would never have thought that one day I would be receiving such a special honour. The message here is that we can achieve much in a foreign land.as Jamaicans, we have made and continue to make positive contributions to our adopted communities around the world,” Councilwoman Foster-Dublin stated.
Continuing, she said: “I am deeply committed to following the distinguished and worthy examples set by Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and I will continue to work for. and in the best interest of our people.”
Councilwoman Foster-Dublin’s political career began in 2000 when she served as a District Coordinator in New Jersey’s Sixth District. She also held the posts of Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary for the Highland Park Democratic Municipal Committee.
Later that year, she became the first black woman ever to be elected to the Council of Highland Park. In her current post, the Councilwoman chairs the Highland Park’s Public Safety Department, the Pedestrian Safety Task Force and the Race Relations Task Force.
In addition to her duties as politician, she is actively involved in a number of civic organizations. She is the Founder and President of the United Caribbean American Network of New Jersey; an Executive member of the Association of Caribbean American Elected Official and Leaders; member of the Edison and Metuchen Rotary International and the Caribbean Medical Mission.
Founded in 1909, the NAACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights of minority groups by removing barriers brought about by racial discrimination. It is the oldest and largest such group in the United States.

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