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Four Jamaican authors will be participating in the 22nd Annual Miami Book Fair International on the Wolfson Campus, at Dade Community College, in downtown Miami this weekend Friday (Nov. 18) through Sunday (Nov. 20).
The authors include Opal Palmer Adisa, Garfield Ellis, Geoffrey Philp and Eunice Heath Tate. All four writers will read from their works during the presentation of ‘Caribbean Voices’ on Saturday (Nov. 19) that will also include a list of nine other Caribbean authors.
The unique literary event featuring some 350 international writers and literary agents, promises a variety of programmes including, art exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings and an international pavilion. While some are newcomers to the Book Fair, some of these writers have already made previous appearances.
Geoffrey Philp is no stranger to the International Book Fair. He recently completed his latest publication – a collection of poems – ‘Twelve Poems and A Story for Christmas’, which will be featured at the literary fair. He is also the author of the novel ‘Benjamin, My Son’, a compilation of short stories titled ‘Uncle Obadiah and the Alie’ and several other poetry collections. His poem ‘Standpipe’ has also been included in the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse.
Mr. Philp also has a play production to his credit of literary works titled ‘Ogun’s Last Stand’. He is a professor at the Miami Dade Community College.
Jamaican journalist, Garfield Ellis, has also made several appearances at the Book Fair in previous years reading from his novels, which include ‘Wake Rasta’ and ‘Such As I Have’. A recipient of the Una Marson prize for adult literature with his first collection of short stories, ‘Flaming Hearst’, he is currently working on another novel ‘For Nothing at All’ due for publication later this year.
Dr. Opal Palmer Adisa, author and storyteller, has seven titles to her credit including the novel ‘It Begins with Tears, which has been selected as one of the most motivational works for young adults. Dr. Adisa is also a lecturer, writing coach and diversity trainer and has also involved herself in prose writing and poetry.
Eunice Heath Tate, a Florida resident, is the author of the novel ‘Scraping’ and the poetry collection ‘Background Noises’. Her works have been featured in several publications including the Caribbean Writer, Calabash MaComere, and Meridians.

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