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Jamaican author, award winning poet and motivational speaker, Dr. Elaine I.Duval recently presented a copy of her book ‘America After Siege: Roadmap to Victory After 9/11’ to Jamaica’s Consul General, Ricardo Allicock, during a courtesy call at his office in downtown Miami.
The 150-page publication can be described as a collection of inspirational poetry and “a spiritual primer on how best America could deal with the implications of the attacks,” according to Dr. Duval. She further added that the book of poetic exhortation presents America with key principles of gaining redemption for the tragedies of 9/11, while offering hope, healing, unity and triumph for the whole nation.”
Published in June 2004, the author said that she dedicated the book to the memory of the 9/11 victims and to the fallen soldiers in the war on terrorism, “as a coping mechanism and message of hope for those struggling to deal with the sense of loss that often occurs on the day of remembrance.”
From a personal perspective, Dr. Duval injects poetic memories of her mother’s last flight from New York to Jamaica before her death shortly after in 1993, in the last chapter ironically titled ‘Last Flight’.
The Consul General congratulated Dr. Duval on her challenge of successfully presenting a universal message of hope and healing in the aftermath of 9/11.Dr. Duval, an English professor, has authored nine books. She has taught English and Communication Studies at universities in the United States, Bahamas and Jamaica.
She currently resides in Tampa, Florida and is the founder and president of two ministries devoted to ministering to the needs of broken families and abused women. Last year Dr. Duval also presented a copy of the book to Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, during a courtesy call to his office.

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