JIS News

Jamaica and Iran are to explore avenues for corporation in the energy and bauxite alumina sectors, following discussions on Friday (Feb. 27) between Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and President Khatami of Iran, ahead of the Twelfth Summit of the Group of Fifteen in Caracas, Venezuela.
Mr. Patterson noted that while the local bauxite sector was operating at full capacity, Jamaica was examining the possibility of increasing that capacity by nearly 50 per cent. Mr. Patterson said that in light of the high cost of the energy used in the sector, consideration would have to be given to the use of liquefied natural gas and that this could present opportunities for corporation between Jamaica and Iran.
Meanwhile, Iranian President Seyed Khatami said his country would be taking steps to expand its aluminum industry and that with Jamaica’s significant resources and experience in the industry, both countries could collaborate in achieving this development.
Both Leaders agreed that the G-15 which consists of 19 member countries, has something unique to offer to the rest of the world as, despite differences in religion, size, natural resources and level of economic development, all member countries should combine their resources whenever possible, in order to improve the quality of life of their people.
The Leaders agreed that their efforts to spur bilateral cooperation could at this stage be channeled through their respective Embassies inn Caracas, Venezuela.