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Business interests, including small and medium-sized enterprises, are invited to participate in Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI/JAMPRO) inaugural staging of ‘Opportunities Jamaica ’07’.
The two-day symposium is slated for November 28 and 29 at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.
Speaking with JIS News, Executive Director of Trade and Business Development at (JTI/JAMPRO), Lisa Bell, explained that the staging of the event “is in an effort to collaborate with all agencies of the government, which are involved in both foreign and local investments and to highlight opportunities, which exist within the economy for the private sector.””It is to be a comprehensive event, which allows small and medium enterprises operating throughout the island, to be aware and take advantage of opportunities,” she added, indicating that these opportunities may span from those that exist through the development of new products at the Scientific Research Council (SRC), or through linkages that may be created with multi-national investors, who are establishing operations in the tourism sector along the north coast.
Mrs. Bell noted that the event will include discussions on the challenges facing small and medium enterprises in being more competitive. Agencies that are engaged in helping these businesses will also be involved.
“We believe that there is a new paradigm that is required in the private sector.there are some dynamic opportunities that are either available or are becoming available and we want to let business persons, who are interested in growing the economy, know that these opportunities exist. It is saying that today’s Jamaica is about business,” she stated.While small and medium enterprises are the main target audience for the event, Mrs. Bell explained that it also extends to “anyone who has an investment opportunity and anyone, who wants to take advantage of an opportunity.”
She explained that the Diaspora is also targeted, especially persons who have expressed an interest in understanding more about the opportunities that are in Jamaica. Investors, who are already operating here, are also invited as this is an opportunity to increase their awareness of Jamaica’s capabilities in providing goods and services.
The two-day event will begin with a symposium with the Industry Investment and Commerce Minister, Karl Samuda, outlining the government’s priorities for local and foreign direct investments.
The symposium will also feature sectoral presentations and forums to highlight issues such as what is required to be an entrepreneur, the financial products and technical assistance that are available to support entrepreneurship, how to start a business, and the importance of networking.
Day one will close with a creative industries showcase, which will highlight the capabilities that exist within the industry and targets potential buyers of those capabilities.
Activities for the second day include presentations and case studies from “success companies” that have become more competitive both in the local arena and overseas. “We will also be facilitating business match-making meetings during the afternoon on the second day.and this is where we are going to put in touch opportunity profiles with particular people, who may be interested in them,” Mrs. Bell pointed out.
“Outside of the symposium,” the Executive Director added, “we will be having an exhibition, which allows local companies to highlight their products and services. This becomes important in the context of attracting business partners, buyers or suppliers or simply just facilitating business.”
She stated that a number of banks will be present to meet with potential clients, who may want to get financing on a specific business concept.
Other key players will be the Private Sector Development Programme and the Development Bank of Jamaica.
The event will run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on both days at a total cost of $5,000. Special discount packages will be provided for members of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, as well as students.
For more information on Opportunities Jamaica ’07, contact JTI at 978-7755 or visit the website at

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