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Jamaica’s participation in regional, hemispheric and international standards programmes was strengthened during the last financial year, with the country becoming a member of the Conference des Poids et Measures (General Conference on Weights and Measures), Metre Convention last July.
This is according to Ministry paper number 38, which was tabled in the House of Representatives on June 1, by Phillip Paulwell, Minister of Commerce Science and Technology.
The report, which detailed achievements of the Bureau of Standards during the last financial year, as well as projections for 2005/06, said that the main purpose of the Metre Convention was to provide the framework within which the international measurement system is maintained and made available to the world for national and international trade, manufacturing, human health and safety, the protection of the environment and all aspects of science and engineering.
Jamaica, it is said, will benefit through its displays of measurement capability in the world’s premier metrology database, thus improving the confidence of investors and traders in Jamaican products.
Membership in the Metre Convention will enable Jamaica to sign the International Conference on Weights and Measures (CIPN) Mutual Recognition Agreement, thereby having all major trading partners recognize the country’s testing and calibration certificates and its measurement system.
Meanwhile, under the Bureau’s Laboratory Accreditation Programme, Bouygues Travaux Limited, contractors of the Highway 2000 Project are in the process of renewing accreditation to test aggregates, concrete, soil, bitumen and bituminous mixture materials used in the road construction project.
The report also stated that audits and assessments are being conducted by Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), to ensure that systems are being maintained according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) procedures.

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