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The Jamaica Productivity Centre, in collaboration with the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Educational Institute, will launch the National Workplace Productivity Training Programme this month (January, 2011).
Speaking at the Centre’s breakfast session today (January 11), at the Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston, Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore explained that the programme will seek to train employees on the importance of productivity within the workplace.”Basically, we will be hand picking employees in organisations and training them to be productivity champions, so that they will have an in-house representative that has productivity training, who can help to change the culture within the organisations where they work,” Mr. Gallimore said.He said that Jamaica has suffered for several decades with low growth in the economy and low growth in performance where productivity is concerned.”This is something of great importance and significance as a problem to the government, and also has to be of great concern to everyone else in the public and the private sector,” the State Minister said.”It is time for us to wake up and we need to get every Jamaican thinking about increasing productivity, because all of us want a better life and the only sure way we are going to get it, is to drive productivity,” he added.Mr. Gallimore also noted that the Jamaica Productivity Centre will, later this year, produce a second edition of the Productivity Summary Report, which will cover the years 2000-2009. He added that the report will highlight productivity policy developments in various industries.”The ‘Be Productive Campaign’ will continue in the secondary schools, but will also target community colleges where we are hoping to get an inclusion of a productivity module into the training. So, we will be taking it to the lower level of the education system, but also closer to when people are matriculating into the workforce,” the State Minister said.He noted that for 2011, the Centre will continue to do audits; design productivity improvement programmes; and provides training sessions and workshops for groups and organisations.The Centre is a National Productivity Organisation with tripartite partners being the Government of Jamaica, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, and the Jamaica Employers Federation. This partnership reinforces the principle that growth in national productivity cannot be achieved without the alliance and full co-operation of government, management and labour. The Centre will serve as the arrowhead for promoting productivity and providing related products and services that will facilitate sustained improvements in productivity at the national, sectoral, and enterprise levels.