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Jamaica owes much to local sportsmen and sportswomen who excite the world with their superb performances, and in doing so, add to the exotic appeal of the island, Industry and Tourism Minister, Aloun Ndombet-Assamba has said.
Addressing Jamaicans in a broadcast on World Tourism Day (September 27), she said that this year’s theme ‘Sport and Tourism: two living forces for mutual understanding, culture and the development of society’, reminded us of the strong bonds that unite tourism with sport worldwide, and especially in Jamaica.
“Even as our country and its hospitality industry engage in a robust recovery programme after Hurricane Ivan, we want to express our appreciation for the splendid contributions of our athletes to Jamaica’s tourism,” she said.
“They help to attract the millions of guests we host each year. These guests have come to know us personally and to admire and respect us for our hospitality and professionalism, in addition to our world-renown prowess in sport,” she added.Mrs. Assamba urged the nation to be inspired by the legacy and example of our sporting heroes – their indomitable spirit, relentless effort and encouraging teamwork – particularly in this period of recovery.
The Minister encouraged Jamaicans to unite and continue to build tourism, so that the industry could provide more jobs and economic opportunities, earn more foreign exchange and strengthen its vibrant linkages with other sectors and in so doing, make a greater contribution to Jamaica’s growth and economic development.

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