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The Caribbean’s first network access facility, the Jamaica Network Access Point (JNAP), was officially launched on March 2 to offer a wide range of solutions for corporate data and telecommunications networking needs.
The facility, located at the Digital building on Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston, opened its doors a year ago.
It is a co-location facility or ‘Telecom Hotel’ that houses the various networks of operators of information and communication technology systems and provides interconnection to the three major telecommunication companies in Jamaica, namely, Cable & Wireless, Digicel and Oceanic Digital.
JNAP facilitates readily available linkages among networks of telecom carriers, service providers and operators, who use the facility and are able to share overheads, thus reducing their operational cost. The facility has both satellite and fibre optic links to the Internet.
At the launch held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Commerce, Science and Technology Minister, Phillip Paulwell, pointed out that JNAP’s capacity as a gateway would enable institutions such as schools, hospitals and other government related agencies to access island wide telephone and Internet services.
He added that the arrival of the United States telecom giant AT&T, would “undoubtedly increase the pace and complexity of competition in the industry” and as such, entities like JNAP will play a vital role in providing investors with quick and cost effective access to the market.
“I am sure that the Jamaican consumer, who has now become more discerning and technologically conscious since their exposure to a variety of choices, will welcome your presence in the Jamaican marketplace,” Minister Paulwell said.
Pointing to the need for Jamaica to embrace the digital age, the Commerce Minister noted that the intensity of global competition and capital transfer were driven largely by ease of access and the speed of doing business in a networked world.
Highlighting Jamaica’s progress in that regard, he pointed to initiatives such as the Jamaica Trade Point, Custom’s online service, JAMPRO’s exporter registration, the Trade Board’s online facility for licence application and export certification and the Shipping Association’s electronic manifest.
“In this new economy, computers and telecommunications and the use of the Internet have revolutionised communication systems, access to business information and decision making,” the Minister observed. He went on to stress that Jamaica must seize the initiative and build on the foundation already laid “to establish new partnerships, develop new industries and become more competitive in this environment”.