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General Manager of Jamaica National Overseas (JNO), Charles Spence, has challenged its agents to help move the company to the forefront of the lucrative money transfer sector.
“We want to encourage our agents to be more aggressive in selling the services. These approaches will be to foster partnerships, improve communication and business growth by 30 per cent-50 per cent over the previous year,” said
Mr. Spence, noting that the company will be introducing some performance benchmarks, targeting quality.
Addressing an appreciation dinner for agents in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Queen’s recently, Mr. Spence urged them to be prepared to do business in a global marketplace.
Noting that “the information age has caused the death of distance, thereby creating a global village,” he said that “this global village will present opportunities and challenges and we have to position ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities while minimizing these challenges.”
“People are moving around in this global village with a greater desire (and) with the view of improving their economic prospects. We (at JNO) have to position ourselves to facilitate those desires,” Mr. Spence said.
Stating that “JNO was not your typical money transfer service provider,” Mr. Spence said the company will facilitate any financial obligations in Jamaica from its global client base. These, he said, includes transfers to other accounts at recognized institutions, payment of bills, land taxes, and school fees.
Some 13 agents, each with more than five years of contractual obligations to JNO, were recognized for outstanding contribution in helping the company to the number three spot as a money transfer service provider.
A subsidiary of Jamaica National Building Society, JNO provides money transmission services from several locations abroad to Jamaica.

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