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The Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) recently awarded several students and schools at the basic, primary and secondary levels for being consistent savers in its School Savers Programme.
At a function held at the Golf View Hotel where the participants received their awards, coordinator of the programme, Diana Cunningham said that the initiative was designed to develop a culture of saving, starting at a young age.
“It is very heart warming to see the success of the programme, and as students it is very important that you continue to save even into adult life. For our GSAT students, continue to focus, as you go on to secondary education, you are going to find that your school will get harder, but hard work and discipline are the keys to success,” Ms. Cunningham said.
Guest speaker at the event Kimani Robinson said that saving is a positive habit that every student should develop, “Saving is like gaining knowledge that you use to put you in a good job or business venture. And putting a dollar each day in saving will be of great value in the near future, and the discipline surrounding that will enhance your success in almost everything that you do,” Mr. Robinson stated.
Three students were awarded a $75,000 scholarship each for their performances in the GSAT, while other awards went to top saving schools and students in each parish, as well as teachers who coordinate saving at their institutions.

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