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    President, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), Sancia Bennett-Templer, says it is critical and urgent for developing countries, like Jamaica, to implement strategies to boost export, in keeping with challenges presented by the slow recovery of the global economy.

    She noted that as such, JAMPRO, under the remit of the National Export Strategy (NES), has sought to focus its efforts to enhance the performance of exporters, while maximising the country's competitive advantages and positively contributing to the growth and development of the economy.

    Mrs. Bennett-Templer was speaking at the opening ceremony of the NES Engagement Series, held at the JAMPRO Business Auditorium in New Kingston, on September 14. 

    "In consultation with our partners, it has been agreed that the NES will seek to focus its priories in order to address the primary areas expected to have the greatest impact on export performance," the President said.

    As such, the NES has continued to focus on the key initiative of not only concentrating on the enhancement of the capacity of local exporters, but also on removing impediments to competitiveness, she said.

    She noted that one of the key issues to be addressed is the need for value-added production techniques and the ability to access markets efficiently.

    "Strategies to address these issues require a transformative approach, which seeks to utilise existing resources in an innovative and holistic manner in order to maximise the benefits that can possibly accrue to Jamaican exporters," she informed.

    Additionally, she said the JAMPRO team has been looking very closely at expanding Jamaica's trade prospects into new markets.

    "Last year, and again this year, we had a mission to Trinidad. We participated in their expo. There is now the trade desk, which has been established in Trinidad to support exports into that country and my team tells me that there have been some positive improvements developing in that area," she said.

    Mrs. Bennett-Templer also informed that the team will very shortly be talking to the export community about prospects for expanding into Brazil.  "(The Ministry of) Foreign Affairs has just now opened an office in Brazil…and are working very closely with (the office) as we look to new markets," she said.