JIS News

The Jamaica Library Service (JLS) had a number of significant achievements for the 2003/04 fiscal year including the reconfiguration of the first mobile library to offer information and communication technology (ICT) services, the successful hosting of the national reading competition, and extensions to the St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland parish libraries.
As set out in the JLS’s annual report for the review period, which was tabled in Parliament this week, the service also networked to create strategic alliances for development projects and outreach programmes and services.
The JLS is the nation’s largest provider of Internet access to the public. Of the 93 libraries offering ICT services, Internet access is available at 86. A total of 30 began offering Internet access for the first time during the review period.
Meanwhile, 146 new computers were added to the inventory through partnership with the Culture, Health Art, Science and Education Fund (CHASE). A commitment for an additional $7.5 million was given to assist with the implementation of the first phase of the JLS wide area network project.
The island wide national reading competition saw unprecedented success, taking the competition to a new level with a number of innovations, and public response attesting to a significant increase in interest levels. Networking to create strategic alliances for development projects and outreach programmes and services bore rich dividends.
According to the report, collaboration with the Kingston Restoration Company (KRC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) resulted in the opening of the Shortwood Branch Library at the Peace and Prosperity Centre to serve the Grants Pen and Shortwood communities. The Long Bay Branch Library in Portland was also opened through successful community partnerships.