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Effective immediately, the Government of Jamaica will ban all flights coming into the island from the UK for a period of two weeks, ending January 4, 2021. However flights coming into country over the next 24 hours and outbound flights to the UK will be allowed up to midnight Tuesday, December 22.

The country is expecting three flights from the UK over the next 24 hours, one of which is already enroute, however passengers who board those flights will be subjected to a minimum of 48-hour state quarantine and PCR testing.

Passengers who test negative will be fitted with armbands for monitoring and released to complete their 14 day quarantine at home, while those found to be positive will be isolated in state facilities until recovered.

Family members of persons who arrive on these flights will be able to pick up their relatives after the minimum 48 hour quarantine. Family members are reminded that they must strictly adhere to the infection prevention and control measures when picking up their relatives, as well as during the mandatory quarantine period as persons may develop symptoms during the 14 quarantine period and therefore transmit the virus to others.

Persons who arrive in country from other ports of entry via the UK will also be required to adhere to all restrictions, in line with provisions under the Quarantine Act

At this time, Jamaicans are strongly advised not to travel to UK. Those who travel overseas including to UK will be subject to the established quarantine or isolation procedures, on their return to Jamaica.

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