JIS News

Jamaica will join the international community on Thursday, November 8, in observing World Town Planning Day 2012, by hosting a one-day symposium at the Jamaica Conference Centre, in Kingston, under the theme: 'Climate Change Resilience and Smart Communities'.

The symposium will feature a series of presentations on Planning; and display exhibits as well as inputs from several schools, including a poster competition.

Acting Director in the Integrated Planning and Environment Division of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Leonard Francis,  speaking at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ on November 1, said that World Town Planning Day is an important activity in the nation’s development, as it  enables discussion on Planning;  and highlights the  virtues of good town planning.

"We'll be focusing a whole lot on Kingston and St. Andrew this year. It’s very important that Kingston be highlighted, as it is the capital and we should have a vision as to where we want Kingston to go,” he said.

Mr. Francis said the hope is that at the end of the symposium, there will be a vision as to the way forward for planning in Kingston and St. Andrew, and other urban centres across Jamaica.

The symposium will look at four themes: ‘Downtown Kingston Redevelopment’; ‘Hazard Mitigation and Climate Change’; ‘Local Government and Community Development’; and ‘Emerging Trends and Changes to improve the Planning and Development Process’. 

In addition, displays will be mounted on the day at several key stakeholder partners, including the Universities.

The public is being encouraged to attend the symposium and be updated on development plans for Kingston.