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Exporters of quality Brand Jamaica products are being encouraged to participate in what is expected to be the largest trade expo in world history, Expo Shanghai 2010, scheduled for Shanghai, China, May 1 to October 31.
National Co-ordinator for the event and manager of Jamaica Trade and Invest’s (JTI) Caribbean, Latin America and Emerging Markets Regional Office, Dr. Dana Morris, says the expo represents a tremendous opportunity for Jamaicans to tap into one of the largest and most affluent markets in the world.
Jamaica’s participation in Expo Shanghai 2010 is an inter-ministerial effort involving the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, Ministry of Tourism (Jamaica Tourist Board) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.
To inform local exporters of the significant business opportunities that exist in China, the world’s fastest growing economy, representatives from JTI and Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) hosted a Business Information Forum at the JTI offices, Trafalgar Road, Kingston on Tuesday (January 13).
The forum was aimed at providing exporters with valuable information on various aspects of doing business with China, and the requirements for including their products in the Brand Jamaica booth, which will be part of the CARICOM Pavilion at the Expo.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda addressing participants at the Business Information Forum at the Jamaica Trade and Invest offices on Trafalgar Road in Kingston Wednesday (January 13).

Seventy-million visitors from all across the globe are expected to attend the event, which is being held under the theme “Better City, Better Life.”
“A world expo is always an excellent way to showcase all that is good about your country, and Jamaica will be looking to do exactly that at Expo Shanghai,” says Dr. Morris.
She adds that, in addition to showcasing Jamaica’s culture, the JTI will also be working assiduously to bring business opportunities to Jamaican exporters and attract the interest of Chinese investors.
She also said that JTI will be providing exporters with information to assist them in determining whether their products or services can succeed in the Chinese market.
“We are hoping that many of our exporters will find the Chinese market to be lucrative and we are willing to work with them to bring about their success,” she stated.
Dr. Morris noted that the expo will present Jamaica with a chance to build on and benefit from the publicity and goodwill garnered at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In promoting business links between Jamaica and China, JTI says it will seek to use the expo to position Jamaica as the hub of the region for culture, trade and investment.
Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda said exporters who are interested in participating in the event must seek to ensure that their products are of a world class standard.
“We need to leave there with a relationship built on an exposure of the Chinese to our excellent products, so we have a few months to hone our skills and to ensure that every single product that is taken to be shown as a sample to the Chinese, is of the highest quality,” says the minister.
Mr. Samuda said that it is the responsibility of local exporters to ensure that their products are “absolutely perfect”, and that he hopes that at the end of the expo, Jamaica will have benefitted from an improved balance of trade with China.
The Minister says he will be visiting China in early February, along with Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding.
Manager of Export Promotion at the JTI, Berletta Forrester, said that the products expected to do well in Chinese include spices, condiments, rums, beers, art and crafts, apparel and coffee.
She said JTI would be providing local exporters with as much assistance as possible in getting their products to China at a minimal cost.
Exporters interested in participating in Expo Shanghai 2010 are asked to pay a cost of US$700. They are also expected to make a formal notification of their interest by January 20, and to deliver their labels for translation by February 2. Delivery of products to JTI for shipment must also be done by February 22.
For further information on Expo Shanghai 2010 visit www.jamaicaradeandinvest.org/shanghai.

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