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Consul-General to Toronto, Anne-Marie Bonner, has said that Jamaica has achieved much in its short history.
In an Independence message read by Consul, Dale Jones, at the annual flag-raising ceremony held recently at Toronto’s City Hall, she said Jamaica was now coming to terms with the many issues of its governance.
“We have gained international recognition and praise for the contribution of outstanding Jamaicans to the development of the world in music, culture, science, and sport,” she said.
“We continue to excel, despite limited financial resources and the challenges of globalization. We stand resolute in our belief in ourselves and our country and our ability to achieve the goals we set,” she added.
The Consul-General stressed that nation building was not an individual task, as it involved partnerships with each other with a singleness of purpose.
“These partnerships include women, the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly and our young people. It involves uniting in purpose, in all areas of business, politics, church, education, the arts and our culture. Together we are unstoppable,” Miss Bonner said.
She said that the focus on education must continue because it was vital for the economic transformation of Jamaica. “It is an educated population, enriched and empowered that will make development happen,” she emphasised. The flag-raising ceremony, organised by the Jamaican Canadian Association (JCA), which is also celebrating its 44th anniversary, is one of the events planned each year to mark Jamaica’s Independence and Emancipation.
Ontario’s Minister of Children and Youth Services, Jamaican-born MaryAnne Chambers, recalled that she was 11 years old and attending Immaculate Conception High School in Kingston at the time of Independence in 1962.
“I remember how proud I felt. Let us always remember how strong and how proud we are as a people. Hold your heads up high and encourage your children to hold their heads up high,” she told the audience.
Also attending the ceremony were: Barbara Thomas, Vice-President of the JCA and members of that organisation; Hamlin Grange, Member of the Toronto Police Services Board; Sylvia Hudson, Vice-Chair of the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services; Wendy Straker, Consul-General of Barbados; and Michael Lashley, Consul-General of Trinidad and Tobago.

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