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Mrs Lorna Golding, wife of Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, has pledged $250,000 from the Jamaica Early Childhood Foundation to the St. Catherine Early Childhood Resource Centre.
Mrs. Golding, who is the Chairman of the Foundation, gave the undertaking at the opening of the resource centre on November 19 where the Prime Minister was the keynote speaker.
In handing over the first tranche of $150,000 from the Foundation, Mrs. Golding noted that it was important to invest in children during challenging times.
“We have an economic war and when that happens, we must take care of the children. We must look after the generation behind us,” Mrs Golding said, recalling that this was a strategy, which was used by European countries immediately following World War 11.

The St. Catherine Early Childhood Resource Centre in Eltham Park, which was officially opened on Thursday (November 19). The centre was built through the Enhancement of Basic Schools Project with support from the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Jamaica Social Investment Fund, and other partners. Mrs. Lorna Golding, wife of Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding pledged $250,000 on behalf of the Jamaica Earl y Childhood Foundation to further the work of the centre, which will support early childhood educational activities in the parish.

Speaking passionately about her dream to help improve early childhood education, Mrs Golding also spoke about her “abiding attachment” to the parish of St. Catherine where her husband was the Member of Parliament for 14 years.
She urged the operators of the resource centre to expand its range of services to include medical checks for the children.
The facility will be used for the training of early childhood educators; to host seminars for Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), and community parenting sessions; and for the storage and distribution of resource materials.

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