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Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Anthony Johnson, is currently in discussions with Algerian officials about supplying Jamaica with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).
“Ambassador Johnson has begun discussions, and we are waiting on a date to actually be visited, or to visit Algeria to decide on that,” Minister of Energy and Mining, Hon. James Robertson, told a Post Sectoral Debate luncheon, Thursday (July 2), at his Ministry in New Kingston.
He also disclosed that there was a possibility of obtaining LNG from Venezuela, through the Petro Caribe arrangements.
“The Venezuelans have the eighth largest LNG reserves in the world. Their commitment is to sign supply contracts with any of the 18 Petro Caribe members, September 2009 to March 10, 2010,” Mr. Robertson explained.

Minister of Energy and Mining, Hon. James Robertson, (right) makes a point during a Post Sectoral Debate luncheon on Thursday(July 2) at the Ministry’s New Kingston office. Looking on are, Chief State Liaison, Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Ian Boyne (left), and Minister of State in the Ministry, Hon. Laurence Broderick (second left).

“They have also indicated that any country that requires LNG supplies before 2013, which is when their LNG trains will be ready and available for export, they have guaranteed supplies from Qatar. So, we have commitments and we know when our LNG commercial contracts will be signed and where it will be coming from,” he added.
Jamaica gets more useful energy for a unit of LNG than from coal or oil, resulting in greater value for money spent and providing the country with the best opportunity for lower electricity cost, he said.
Mr. Robertson also stated that the Ministry was looking at the possibility of storing the LNG gas in the vicinity of Port Esquivel, Old Harbour, St. Catherine.
“We are looking at outside of Port Esquivel, Old Harbour…that is the area we are thinking about. It is the best storing area for it, and we are already looking at the lands,” the Minister said.
“We plan, as a Ministry, to give Jamaica its best energy mix and at a price that will make us competitive and world leaders and beaters,” Mr. Robertson concluded.

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