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This year’s special focus on young people and the second and third generation of Jamaicans in the Diaspora at last week Jamaica Diaspora Conference in Kingston, has received positive reviews from members of the Jamaica Diaspora UK Youth Association.
For Omar Richards, the conference was a ‘phenomenal’ experience. He was particularly enthusiastic about the special focus on youth, achievement and education.
“Overall it was a great experience. Young people were able to put forward their ideas and suggestions, so it is important now to see what follow-up action takes place,” he said.
This year’s conference, the second attended by Temi Ade John, was for her better and while she was pleased with the focus on issues affecting the younger generation, she felt there should have been an input from this generation at all of the other workshops. She was also very positive about the future and the role of the second and third generation in Jamaica’s development.
Medical Student, David Burton said he is still enthusiastic about the development of the Diaspora movement.
“It’s a process, the conferences are good and there have been some progress although there is still a far way to go. But it has been a positive experience,” he told JIS news.
However, he wants to see future conferences with more open discussions focusing on the voice and views of the younger generation and more speakers and presenters from the younger generation as well.
Birmingham based Michael Wedderburne said last week’s conference, his first, was very interesting and seems to be heading in the right direction. However, he had concerns about time management and he felt that sometimes the young delegates were treated like children. But overall, for the civil engineering student it was a good experience.
Some 50 youth delegates from the UK were represented at the Third Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference which lasted from June 16 to 17 at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston. A special workshop at this year’s conference was ‘Youth and Future Leadership: Sustaining Affinity to Jamaica this Generation and Beyond’. In addition to participating in the conference, the youth delegates also participated in a youth forum and paid a special visit to the St. Andrew Home for Girls, which is a special project of the UK Diaspora Youth Association.

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