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A review of the recently announced proposals for major changes to the United Kingdom (UK) Immigration and Citizenship regulations and the impact these will have on Jamaicans, is to be undertaken by the Jamaica Diaspora UK. The organization is also urging Jamaicans in the UK to lobby their Councillors, Members of Parliament and civic representatives to ensure that their concerns on these issues become part of the on-going consultation process.
“The Jamaica Diaspora UK recognises that Jamaicans already face a high refusal rate with regards to applying for a UK visa and is concerned that the announced changes, which will make it more difficult for foreign nationals, including Jamaicans, to achieve British citizenship, also include proposals for a financial bond on families, increases fees, and restrictions to employment,” Advisory Board member, Travis Johnson told JIS News.
He said the Jamaica Diaspora UK understands the need for the British Government to manage migration and protect its borders, but it is concerned that the new rules will place Jamaicans at a grave disadvantage.
“The Jamaican Diaspora UK is also deeply concerned that the proposed new rules do not give any consideration to the fact that the UK Jamaican community has been long established and integrated into British society, but still hold well established, extended family links in their homeland,” Mr. Johnson said.
The British Government has, since last year, announced a series of consultations on a wide range of new immigration and citizenship rules that will include tougher qualifying requirements for visitors; a points-based work visa system and increased requirements for persons seeking to become British citizens.

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