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In observance of the health protocols being promoted by the Government of Jamaica (through the Ministry of Health and Wellness), and the nation’s efforts to minimise the spread of the coronavirus – COVID-19, the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is encouraging its customers, including, importers, Customs Brokers and Cargo Agents to undertake payments to the Agency, using its online payment services, which are as follows:

1. E-payment (via the ASYCUDA World Portal)
2. Real Time Gross Settlement (R.T.G.S) (Direct Bank Transfer)
3. Advance Deposit Account (Prepayment Services)

 The E-payment System is open to all customers. Once registration is completed, customers are able to make payments, remotely. Customers should use their credit card to access, and make payments for Customs import, export, transit and transshipment declarations. Customs Brokers are also encouraged to use the E-payment service to pay their Customs Brokers Licence Renewal Fee.

 The Real Time Gross Settlement (R.T.G.S) is an online facility which requires no registration. It is a direct transfer from the customer’s bank account to the JCA’s bank account. Once this is done, the customer should complete the Advice Form and send same to the email address listed on this form.

 The Advance Deposit Account gives a customer the opportunity to make lump sum deposits to the account with the JCA, and then apply the amount in the account to pay duties or taxes at their convenience. The Advance Deposit Account may be topped-up over the counter or through direct bank transfer (R.T.G.S), for immediate access and use at their convenience.

Customers may view the supporting documents for undertaking direct payments, by visiting the JCA’s website at www.jacustoms.gov.jm. For further information, they may contact the Revenue Accounts Unit at 876-948-5151.

Importantly, the Agency is reminding customers that they can still visit the JCA to make ‘over-the-counter’ payments at the Cashier. The Agency remains committed to promoting the strategies being advanced by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, as together, we work towards mitigating the impact of COVID–19 on employees, stakeholders, and the entire Jamaica.

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