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The Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD), received a boost today, (November 3), with the donation of a specially equipped bus and other equipment from the Eastern Caribbean and United Nations Population Fund EC/UNFPA.
The bus, which consists of a Hydraulic lift, will greatly ease the mode of transportation by the disabled. The Council also received a television, DVD, computers, a generator and other equipment, which is part of the EC/UNFPA’s four -year Sexual Reproductive Health Project.
Thanking the UNFPA and the EC for its donation, Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, with responsibility for Disability, Andrew Gallimore, reiterated the Government’s commitment to improving the lives of the disabled.
“I want to thank the EC and the UNFPA for giving us this support that is so meaningful. And I want to give you the assurance that the MoU that will be signed today, will be honoured by your partners and we will make good use of the tools that you have given to us and make sure that they are not harmed. The Government is very committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in Jamaica,” he asserted.
Mr. Gallimore also stressed the need for more outreach programmes specifically geared at addressing the needs of persons with disabilities.
“If we do not have specific outreach programmes to target persons with disabilities they cannot and will not be properly informed. Persons with disabilities are equally sexually active with their partners in society, just the same as persons without disabilities and clearly in our society most persons are not aware of the responsibilities and the risk that are associated with sexuality. Therefore, this is a very worthy cause towards advising persons with disabilities so that they are equally knowledgeable about all issues to do with sexual activities and reproductive health,” Minister Gallimore noted.
He further stated that if Jamaica is to reach first world status, the disabled must be taken into consideration.
“If we are to meet the United Nations Millennium (Developent ) Goals, we can’t do it without including persons with disabilities. This is so because in Jamaica it is estimated that we have close to 300,000 such persons and so they are a critical group to be considered in proper development. If we are to acquire first class status we cannot leave them behind any longer, they have to be included in every aspect of national planning and so the issue of sexual and reproductive health is a key issue,” he advised.
The bus, along with the other equipment is expected to further facilitate the work of the EC/UNFPA Project on Sexual and Reproductive Health, as it pertains to women with disabilities in Jamaica.

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