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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, has reaffirmed the Jamaican Government’s commitment to developing the country’s maritime sector.
Speaking on Tuesday (November 24) at the 26th Assembly of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), in London England, Mr. Henry said that growth in this sector was a major plank of the Government’s efforts to revive the economy.
“The Government of Jamaica considers the development and further growth of our maritime sector, as a major plank of its strategic plans to grow the economy and to provide employment,” The Minister said.
He said this will be achieved by providing for a range of professional services, facilitated by substantial investments in excellent cruise and transhipment ports, global distribution and logistics centres, a credible maritime training institute, and a sound and credible marine administration with a small but growing quality ship registry.
Mr. Henry said the potential of a Shipping Centre was also being actively pursued at the highest political levels, and with multi-lateral support.
“This all fits into the national transportation policy to integrate all aspects of transportation within the multi-modal concept,” he added.
He told the IMO Assembly that Jamaica was unequivocal in its support for the Organisation as the primary international body, where rules and standards for marine safety and security and vessel source pollution should be made.
“Our own capacity to perform continues to benefit from the IMO’s Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme, and through bi-lateral assistance Jamaica continues to have the honour of delivering training on behalf of the IMO to other CARICOM states,” he added.
“In spite of the global economic downturn, the Jamaican Government will continue to demonstrate its strong commitment to the development of the Caribbean Maritime Institute, the only IMO-accredited English-speaking Caribbean officer training institute, to meet the needs of the international community,” he stated.
Jamaica continues to be committed to providing leadership, through technical assistance to CARICOM in training and capacity development, complementing and augmenting the work of the IMO’s Regional Advisor, he said.
He concluded that that the Government of Jamaica clearly accepts its responsibilities, as a maritime state, and through the Ministry of Transport and Works, will continue to abide by the highest standards for its flag ships, seafarers and port facilities, as well as Government institutions which implement and enforce the rules.

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