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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, says Jamaica remains committed to establishing new, and strengthening existing diplomatic relations, in its effort to maintain the country’s status as a visible and active member of the international community. To this end, the Government will be looking at a number of areas including the Persian Gulf and South America as well as establishing a permanent mission in Brazil.
“Jamaica has a long record of a proactive approach in the international community, something of which we are very proud”, Mr. Golding told members of the diplomatic corps at a special luncheon he hosted in their honour at Jamaica House earlier this week.
Mr. Golding said this proactive approach has been sustained through different administrations particularly over the last 20-years. The Prime Minister said there are no plans to deviate from this approach
“Our traditional relations remain. We value the support of our allies who have been so helpful to us at the bi-lateral and the multi-lateral levels. Special thanks to those countries that have assisted us through the provision of grants and negotiated loans and who have helped us to come through difficult times, perhaps a little battered. But we are alive and determined we will find our way”, Mr. Golding said.
He said Jamaica is pursuing a number of initiatives which are important to the future of the region and recognise the importance of defending our interventions beyond just CARICOM. He told the diplomats that Jamaica will continue to rely on the good relations that exist between all the countries. “I call on you to convey to your Governments my appreciation of the quality representation you have been giving”, the Prime Minister concluded.
Responding on behalf of the diplomatic Corps, Cuba’s Ambassador to Jamaica, Gisela Garcia Rivera, noted that during 2008, representatives of the foreign missions were able to observe how Jamaica continued to grow in political stature. She assured the Government of the diplomats’ continued support of Jamaica’s policies that will lead to the country’s economic development.

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