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Director of logistics at the United Kingdom (UK)-based Exotic Farm Produce Limited, Clive Lawrence, is commending Jamaica for its friendly approach to foreign investors.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Mr. Lawrence said his experience with the Jamaican business climate has been a positive and successful one.
“I’ve been in a lot of companies globally and all the negativity that hit me when I said I was going to work in Jamaica and develop something here in Jamaica, I’ve proven everybody wrong; its been more than successful as far as I am concerned,” said Mr. Lawrence.
He added that “what Jamaica offers us is that ability, the openness of the people here to accept where we want to get to, and are buying into it, and that is so important.”
Exotic Farm Produce is involved in the supply of prepared and pre-packaged meals and produce for major retailers in the UK. The company imports 17,000 tonnes of fresh produce annually from many regions of the world.
The company has invested in a cold storage facility at the Norman Manley International Airport costing just under US$500,000 and is currently looking at establishing a packing house within the next 12 months at a cost of US$500,000.
In the meantime, Executive Director of the Markets Division at Jamaica Trade and Invest (JAMPRO), Kirk Kennedy, said that Jamaica is poised to earn millions of dollars from its relationship with Exotic Farm Produce.
“Per year, the amount of funds that is paid out by Exotic to the farmers for growing these products is about US$12 million per year, and the amount paid to the carriers is about US$5 million, and that is just to supply the products that they are going to be growing for the UK,” Mr. Kennedy said.
He noted that the figures quoted are only for the UK market, while adding the country could earn substantially from other markets such as the United States.

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