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The Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA), which represents thousands of civil servants, celebrated its 90th anniversary, with a church service on Sunday (May 3).
President of the JCSA, Wayne Jones, in an address at the Ridgemount United Church, Mandeville, read on his behalf by Chairman of the JCSA’s Manchester Chapter, Tyrone Foster, said that as the organisation enters the period of reflection, civil servants must recall the strides made in transforming the Civil Service.
“The JCSA has, and continues to play, an integral role in public sector modernisation, which sees the demand for greater accountability and transparency in the way Government does business,” he said.
He added that, as part of the modernisation, the JCSA has demanded that civil servants are assessed in a fair and balanced way, under the performance management appraisal system, and that the Government makes the best use of available resources to meet the challenges of the globalised world.
“It demands that Government makes the best use of the necessaries to meet the challenges of a globalised world,” he pointed out.
He said that the JCSA recognises the position that the Government and its members find themselves in, as a result of the current global economic recession, but that the Association believes that it has equipped its members to respond to the challenge.
“The Jamaica Civil Service Association is cognisant of the position in which our employer, the Government, and our members find themselves in such turbulent time. We believe, however, that we have equipped our members to respond to this new challenge”, he said.
He noted that the JCSA has been able to successfully partner with the Government to give the public the kind of service worthy of a modern state, and that the Association is confident that its members will rise to the challenges.
He said that the tertiary education loan scheme, which has enabled many civil servants to access university education and skills training, has helped to prepare them to respond to crisis situations with clarity of thought, and much more confidence.

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