Jamaica Assisting Lesotho to Implement Science and Technology Policy

Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Science and Technology, Dr. Arnoldo Ventura, has returned from Lesotho, where he is providing technical assistance to that country with the implementation of its recently promulgated Science and Technology (S&T) policy.
Dr. Ventura was one of the architects of that African country’s first S&T Policy, which was promulgated in April last year.
He visited Lesotho from March 26 to April 7, during which he examined most of their major projects and met with important stakeholders and public officials. He also organized a stakeholders’ dialogue, which unanimously recommended that Lesotho adopt a Science and Technology Management Systems similar to Jamaica’s, as the first step in the implementation process. Dr. Ventura is an advocate for assisting Africa with its socio-economic development. As President of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD), the United Nations S&T co-ordinating body, he has promoted the use of science to reduce poverty and restore social balance and equity in developing countries. As a consequence of this, he and other members of the Commission have assisted a number of countries in Africa and Asia.
The government of Lesotho has welcomed the help that Jamaica has provided and expressed the wish to have a continuing technological relationship with Jamaica in the areas of water, energy and tourism.

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