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KINGSTON — A Ministry Paper giving details of the signing of the Operational Police and Maritime Agreements between the Government of Jamaica and the Republic of Cuba was tabled in the Senate, on September 30, by Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson.

The agreements are aimed at helping to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relationships to ensure effective cross border efforts in combating drug trafficking and other forms of organised crimes.

According to the Ministry Paper, a formal structured relationship between the Cuban and Jamaican law enforcement entities is likely to improve the flow of information and intelligence, which, in turn, will improve the fight against organised crime, particularly efforts to combat the illicit trade in small arms and drugs.

“These agreements are intended to, not just streamline the flow, but to increase information and intelligence sharing between Jamaica and Cuba on the movement of criminal commodities and on the groups involved in its movement between the two countries,” the Ministry Paper notes.

This increased information and intelligence flow is intended to allow enforcement entities in Jamaica and Cuba to: foresee trends in reference to drug trafficking and organised crime; identify the leaders and the key elements of criminal organisations; and to identify potential weak points and informants.

The agreements were signed during a visit to Cuba by Senator Nelson on September 9.

The agreements were submitted to Cabinet for approval, and the comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade as well as the Attorney General’s Chambers were sought and received, and their letters were attached to the Cabinet Submission.

Since 2006, the Jamaican and Cuban authorities have provided mutual support in the identification, tracking and apprehension of Jamaicans involved in the trafficking of illicit drugs and firearms.


By Latonya Linton, JIS Reporter

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