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Jamaica’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations will provide opportunity for small producers to earn from the production of commemorative items for local and overseas markets.

Addressing a recent JIS Think Tank, Project Director of the Jamaica 50 Secretariat, Robert Bryan, said a licensing and merchandising programme is in place, through which creative and enterprising Jamaicans can produce a range of items, including plaques, plates, t-shirt, cups, wallets, key rings, and memory sticks.

Mr. Bryan informed that a major partner of the Secretariat is the Jamaica Business Development Company (JBDC), which has been working in collaboration with the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) to ensure that small producers benefit.

“Their (JBDC) task, and the agreement that we have, is for them to focus on ensuring that the small producers are brought into the net and that their products are represented. I know that they are working with JAMPRO to ensure that, that presence shows itself not only in Jamaica but in London and in the other Diaspora areas,” he said.

As it relates to Jamaica 50 endorsed events, Mr. Bryan said that persons, who may wish to host events under the banner of Jamaica 50, can do so once they provide the Secretariat with an overview of the event and outline how it would contribute to the visibility of Jamaica 50.

“Anybody, who is having an event that they believe is structured in a way to celebrate Jamaica 50, can write the Secretariat to ask for that event to be endorsed. There is no fee for that. We will simply look at the event and make a determination as to what level of designation that event will get,” he said.

Mr. Bryan explained that the Secretariat will look for elements that will deliver “a celebratory component to Jamaica 50, noting that there is a designated logo, which carries the slogan: ‘Proudly Celebrating Jamaica 50’ for all endorsed events.

“The designation that is there is very specific. It will not allow those event owners to manipulate the logo and the artwork as it is designated. They can use it, they can claim the association etc. and that’s free,” he pointed out.

As it relates to companies that have a commercial association with Jamaica 50, Mr. Bryan said they stand to benefit from “all the levels of marketing, public relations and branding” locally and overseas.

“So, they will be present and have the right to show up in the UK (United Kingdom), in Jamaica, in Canada, in the USA (United States of America),” he stated.

Further, he said, those companies will have the right to use the Jamaica 50 logo on their products and advertisements. He informed that a number of companies have already secured those rights.


By Elaine Reckord, JIS Reporter