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PORT ANTONIO — Sporting activities in the Jacks River area of St. Mary received a major boost on Wednesday (May 14), with the signing of an agreement for construction of a BMX cycling track, at the Eden Park Sporting Complex in the community.

The agreement is between the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the Jamaica Cycling Association (JCA). It constitutes a 25-year lease arrangement, through which the JCA has assumed responsibility for developing and operating a cycling track on a section of the Eden Park Sports Complex, during the lease period.

The contract was signed by SDC Regional Manager, Jeanette Rose-Bryan, and JCA President, Christopher Tavares-Finson.

Minister of State for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, commended the SDC and the JCA for partnering to make the project a reality. He also gave an assurance that the initiative will receive the full support of residents of Jacks River and surrounding communities.

He said Jacks River was ideally suited for the development of a cycling track, because of its rich history as a sporting community and the deep passion of residents for a wide cross-section of sporting activities.

Mr. Montague, who is also Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, said its operation will be complimentary to the functioning of the Bascobel Airport, the stadium in Oraccabessa and the Greenfield housing development in Bascobel; all of which have been implemented to enhance the social and economic development of the parish.

He noted that the development plan for the constituency includes a new radio station, transmitting from Jacks River, in addition to one already broadcasting from Jeffery Town.

Mr. Montague said plans are also afoot to construct a community recording studio in the constituency, to provide more opportunities for the young people.

He urged young people in the community to make full use of the opportunities available as a result of the various developmental initiative being undertaken, and exhorted them to take full advantage of the skills training being offered at the Jacks River Community Centre, to make themselves independent and successful citizens.

Mayor of Port Maria, Richard Creary, pledged the full support of the Parish Council to the project, and gave an assurance that the Council will grant a waiver in respect of the statutory fees for the first event to be held on the cycling track, after its completion.



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