JIS News

Prime Minister Bruce Golding said that as Jamaica is coming out of the recession, now is the time for developers to go into housing projects. Mr Golding was speaking at the presentation of keys to new homeowners of Portmore Villas 2B on November 26.
“We are coming out of the recession now. When we were in the belly of the recession you had to beg and coax; and even then people were reluctant because they weren’t sure that the market was there for people to take up the houses. We seeing a shift in that now. There is a feeling that now that the recession is going away, slowly but going away, now is the time to jump in because now is the time when people are going to be that much more anxious to secure a home,” Mr Golding said at the ceremony for the presentation of keys to Portmore Villa 2B homeowners. The estate is a project of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ).
The Prime Minister toured four HAJ developments in Portmore earlier that day. The developments are adding 498 homes to the Municipality. Mr Golding also visited Portmore Lane, where residents of the former informal settlement, have organised themselves into a Provident Society with 60 land titles.
Mr Golding praised the HAJ for investing in mixed income developments as he said this was critical to the future of Portmore.