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Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington has assured members of the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) that steps are being taken to ensure that they get the needed equipment to continue to carry out their duties effectively.
“We have on order, some 3,000 bullet proof vests and helmets, which are likely to come into the island in batches during this financial year. We also are seeing some signs where it is likely that we will get at least three armored personnel carriers in the near future,” the Commissioner informed.
He was addressing the opening of the 26th Annual Joint Central Conference of the ISCF at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios on Tuesday (June 29).
The Commissioner noted further that orders were made for about 1,600 pairs of denims for those who work in the tactical units.
Commissioner Ellington commended the ISCF members for the work that they have been doing and urged them to continue in good faith, noting that their efforts in the fight against crime are not in vain.
Meanwhile, Acting Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of National Security, Vivian Brown, who spoke on behalf of portfolio Minister, Hon. Dwight Nelson, stated that the ISCF continues to be a vital component of the law enforcement machinery.
“We, at the Ministry of National Security, salute you for the efforts you have put in through the challenging times when we really needed them.
“I humbly submit that your assistance continues to be necessary as we seek to restore our state to full health. I have every confidence that this objective will be achieved, once we continue to operate with due determination, professionalism and care, to move from the transitional to the implementation phase,” Mr. Brown said.
The two-day conference is being conducted under the theme: ‘Setting Standards, Breaking Barriers’.
Also in attendance at the opening ceremony was the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewelyn.

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