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KINGSTON — An advertising programme geared at expanding the span of economic activities at the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre in Kingston, as well as its public appeal and ambience, was officially launched on Wednesday (June 29).

Management of the Centre’s advertising programme will be undertaken by IPrint Digital Limited, an outdoor advertising company that will be responsible for all advertising and branding at the centre.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, said marketing was an important factor in generating additional revenue for the Transport Centre. He added that the programme was being undertaken to make the centre self-sustainable.

“Since this centre has been in operation, its foremost function has been to accommodate the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses and the commuters in the Kingston Metropolitan Region and, in that context, we have to begin to look at how we can expand that and improve on that,” he said.

He commended the relevant authorities for their contribution to the development of the centre, and encouraged them to continue playing their part.

Chairman of IPrint Digital Limited, Stephen Steele, expressed commitment to the transformation of the Centre and, by extension, the Half-Way-Tree area.

“Over the coming year, we intend to provide a beautiful mix of lit and non-lit static signage, hanging banners, wall and floor graphics and, most importantly, LED (light-emitting diode)boards like never seen before in Jamaica,” he said.

The Port Authority Management Services Limited (PAMS), a subsidiary of the Port Authority of Jamaica, manages and operates the Transport Centre on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Works.

PAMS has been actively looking at strategies to increase revenue for the Centre, in the most cost-effective and cost-efficient manner, which would not require Government expenditure.



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