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Youth in vulnerable communities in the Corporate Area are to benefit from an animation course being spearheaded by the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) through its Junior Centre programme.

The training, which will take place at the IOJ’s East Street headquarters downtown Kingston, is geared towards youth aged eight to 18.

It will equip them with basic animation skills, enabling them to use the technique to showcase their creative talents in the arts.

Manager of Information Technology at the IOJ, Tendi Henry, told JIS Newsthat the course is expected to begin this year. Facilitators from the HEART Trust/NTA will conduct the training.

“Right now, we are in dialogue with HEART/NTA. They are to come and look at the space to make sure that it meets their standards. We’re looking at the curriculum right now, and we’re working on the details to get that programme up and running in the near future,” she said.

She added that the initiative will provide an opportunity for the youth to expand their knowledge in the arts.

“Our Junior Centre is really that safe haven for our youth and our children in areas that we call vulnerable communities, so we want to facilitate them learning not only painting, craft and speech and drama, which is what the centre does, but also use animation technology to bring forth their potential in the performing and visual arts,” she added.

Ms. Henry informed that through a grant from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Institute was able to make improvements at the Junior Centre, installing state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to enhance the display and dissemination of Jamaica’s science, art, history and cultural material.

Meanwhile, Ms. Henry informed that the IOJ is planning to mount a mobile exhibition this year, which will aid in the IOJ’s outreach programme and spread cultural awareness across Jamaica.

The exhibit will include an earthquake simulator, which will make the experience more realistic for visitors.

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