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Prime Minister Bruce Golding said that Government was actively pursuing international expertise and resources in order to shut down international narcotic networks.
Mr. Golding said that equipment for the security forces will be arriving from the United States of America, and that Government was also pursuing technical assistance through the newly expanded Caribbean regional security initiative. “We are expecting to arrive, very shortly, a significant level of resource support from the United States. It will include armoured carriers; it will include additional mobile equipment for the military and for the police, protective gear and so on. We are getting additional assistance from some of our other bilateral partners. We are developing a programme to access the recently boosted regional security initiative by the US which was expanded based on the announcement of Secretary of State Clinton in Barbados which will provide some assistance for us.”
Prime Minister Bruce Golding in Parliament on June 22. Mr. Golding also said that he spoke recently with President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe Velez, about co-operation in bringing narco criminals to justice. “I got a call from President Uribe. Right now we are in discussions with them about sending some of their officers here to work with our police and military, since they have the experience in terms of how to deal with this kind of brazen, aggressive narcotics-related, criminal network.”Prime Minister Bruce Golding in Parliament on June 22 speaking on Government’s efforts to gain international expertise on fighting international narcotic criminal networks.

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