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Chairman of the Audit Commission, Leighton McKnight today (Feb.15) encouraged internal auditors to “keep the light of scrutiny shining”, as “internal audit is one of the important tenets that is going to encourage good corporate governance.”
Noting that the “issue of good corporate governance is very topical, not only in Jamaica, but in the rest of the world today,” Mr. McKnight said that it was critical for internal auditors to continue to “demand better financial reporting, better financial management, reduction of waste and a reduction of theft and irregularity.”
Mr. McKnight, who is also the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ), was speaking at the Internal Audit Conference hosted by the Management Institute for National Development’s (MIND) at its Old Hope Road offices in Kingston. The conference was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and ICAJ.
Approximately 100 internal auditors from public and private sector entities island-wide participated in the conference, significantly exceeding the projected turnout.
Held under the theme: ‘Enhancing Accountability, Regularity, and Probity Through Internal Audit Practices’, the conference was held as a part of MIND’s continued efforts to “deliver learning products that strengthen management and leadership throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean,” Ruby Brown, Chief Executive Officer at MIND told participants.
Mrs. Brown added that MIND was “unwavering in [its] commitment to provide a forum to extend and exchange knowledge that empowers and strengthens the impact and practical effectiveness of undertakings of our public and private sector professionals.”
The range of topics covered, included the theme itself, as well as Forensic Auditing Under the Microscope; Ethics and Fraud Awareness – Emerging Trends; Reform Laws and the Shaping of Best Practices; and the Reinventing of Partnership of Manager and Auditor to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency.
The presenters were Senior Director of Securities at the Financial Services Commission, George Roper; Deputy Chairman of the Audit Commission and Jamaica’s first Certified Fraud Examiner, Colin Greenland; Chief Internal Auditor of Caymanas Track Limited, Orville Christie; Director of Tax Services, Deloitte and Touche, Ethlyn Norton Coke; and partner at Price WaterhouseCoopers, Bruce Scott.

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