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Director General in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Devon Rowe, has underscored the importance of internal auditors in ensuring good governance through transparency, accountability, and fiscal discipline.
“No fiscal discipline programme can be successful without a sound monitoring and evaluation component. Good governance through transparency and accountability and improved internal and external controls, serves to reduce the big C, that is corruption,” he stated.
He was delivering the main address at the official opening ceremony of the second Caribbean Thematic Brainstorming Workshop on Monday (June 21) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay, St. James.
Mr. Rowe said that while measures to address budgeting, debt management and fiscal policy are important to a country, more attention needs to be placed on areas that seek to provide independent evaluations of processes and systems, with a view to improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness.
In fact, he argued that the strengthening of internal controls will help to improve public expenditure management. “So if there was ever a time that internal audit is required it is now,” he stated.
The workshop, which is being held under the theme: ‘Building Pyramids in the Valley’, takes place from June 20 to 23.
Participating delegates include senior internal auditors from Commonwealth countries within the Caribbean.

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