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The Innswood High School in St. Catherine will be staging a three-day programme of activities designed to encourage proper values and attitude among students.
The programme of activities, which get underway on Monday, March 13, is being held under the theme: ‘Violence is Preventable.’
According to Vice Principal, Jacqueline Boyd-Vassell, the three-day event is part of the institution’s Values and Attitude Programme, which began in 2003 and is designed to address the problem of violence among students, many of who reside in volatile communities in Spanish Town.
The Vice Principal noted that the theme was relevant because, “we are in a situation where our children (resolve) their problems by being more violent. the smallest little problem (causes) a fight.”
Continuing she explained, “our aim is to bring about a new culture.(students) must see things differently.(not) everything that is aimed at (them) is geared towards making their lives miserable or to tear them down.”
As part of the school’s values and attitudes curriculum, heads of departments have been assigned to conduct devotions on topics, which “should make an impact on the students’ behaviour,” the principal explained.
“We are teaching children to see things in a different way. to show them that fighting is not the right approach to resolving differences and that’s what our mediation is about – a new culture of peace,” she added.
To tackle the issue of violence at the school, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture has assisted in the training of 12 teachers, who will work along with two full-time guidance counsellors employed by the school.
Monday’s activity begins at 10 a.m. with a special ceremony, where a number of displays relevant to building positive values and attitudes will be on show.
Speakers at the event will include Deputy Mayor of Spanish Town, Owen Palmer; President of the St. Catherine Chamber of Commerce, Dennis Robotham; and Dr. Harry Jarrett, Assistant Pastor at the Phillipo Baptist Church.
In January 2004, the school observed Values and Attitudes Week, which saw the student body and the school administration coming together to discuss the issue of discipline.

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