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The Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology will be hosting its first National Innovation Awards ceremony on November 24 to recognize outstanding achievements in Science and Technology.
The event will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Team Leader for the Popularization of Science and Technology at the Scientific Research Council, Andrea Heavens, outlined that the National Innovation Awards will recognize and celebrate the achievements of innovators in science and technology and will serve “to sensitize, stimulate and encourage stakeholders to use science and technology in their operations”.
She explained that there were ten categories in which persons could enter their innovations: Health and Safety, Engineering, Popularization of Science and Technology, Information and Communication Technologies and Electronics, Agriculture and Food, Environmental Sustainability, Manufacturing, Education, Energy, and Entertainment Products.
“An overall winner will be selected from among the awardees in the various categories for the Top Innovator Award and a cash prize of $400,000,” Miss Heavens informed, noting that the winners of each category would receive awards and cash prizes of $150,000 each.
The team leader pointed out that the idea of the Innovation Awards “came against the background of the Millennium Development Goals where developing countries were being challenged to effectively harness technologies and to gain access to new and emerging technologies” in an effort to “adapt these same technologies to local conditions”.
The awards are therefore in support of the Government’s efforts to promote the systemic application of scientific and technical knowledge to meet diverse and changing needs in different areas of the economy, and ultimately to increase production, productivity and diversification of products.
Guest speaker at the awards ceremony will be Francesca Toso, Senior Counsellor in the Economic Development Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), in Geneva.

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