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The Inmates Public Work Project has been expanded to engage inmates in the repair and maintenance of public institutions such as schools, police stations and courthouses.
Senator Arthur Williams, State Minister for National Security, who was speaking at the New Broughton Sunset Rehabilitation Adult Correctional Centre in Manchester recently, said already, inmates at the Richmond Farm Adult Correctional Centre in St. Mary are engaged in repair work at the Richmond Police Station and the Zion Hill Primary School.
“Our intention is to ensure that the facility there (correctional centre) adopts the primary school, and in January of next year when the students return from holidays, they will feel like they are in a new building as a result of the work that we have undertaken there,” Senator Williams stated. Also under the new thrust, inmates and correctional officers are designing and constructing a new administrative block at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility in Kingston.
According to Senator Williams, various skills exist in the correctional facilities and the authorities must maximize these to ensure that inmates are placed in productive work and provide services to the public.”We have to maximize production in our penal institutions so that those that we seek to correct can sustain themselves instead of asking the taxpayers to contribute over half million each year to keep one prisoner,” he pointed out.
The Inmates Public Work Project, which is being implemented by the Correctional Services Department, involves engaging low-risk inmates in the clean-up and beautification of certain public places. It is part of the Department’s rehabilitation programme.
A national committee, chaired by Commissioner of Corrections Major Richard Reese and consisting of mainly private individuals, was launched on (Dec. 12) to oversee the work programme.
Among the activities that the team will undertake is the establishment of a modern bakery at the Tower Street facility and the expansion of the existing contract between the Correctional Services Department and the Education Ministry for the provision of furniture for schools.