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Infrastructure work is now well underway in three of the project areas identified as Hurricane Ivan relocation sites, namely Rocky Point, Clarendon; Portland Cottage, Clarendon; and Bourkesfield, St. Catherine.
According to a monthly progress report from the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR), work on the roads, site clearance, drainage and marl pads in the Rocky Point area commenced on May 2, with the expectation that water supply will be put in this month. The scope of work to be done involves the preparation of 252 serviced lots, a commercial area, a school area and three green areas. The total expenditure for the Rocky Point relocation site has been put at $79 million.
In the Portland Cottage area, construction begun on May 2 with work progressing on the roads, site clearance, grading and marl pads. Water supply is also expected to be put in place this month. Upon completion, Portland Cottage will have 308 serviced lots, including commercial areas, recreational areas, a common community area and “green areas”. Private contractors will build 192 houses, including sewage disposal facilities. Expenditure to date has been put at $30.6 million, with the total cost set at $100.4 million. Completion is scheduled for December 2005.
Meanwhile, work began on the Bourkesfield site on July 28. Access to the location, including a drainage culvert, has been completed and site clearance is in progress. Work scheduled for this month involves drainage, site clearance and pad preparation as well as road works. It is expected that the Venezuelan Government will assist with the building of 120 houses in the area with infrastructural work being undertaken by the ONR. The value of the work to date is estimated at $67 million. Completion is also scheduled for December 2005.
Hurricane Ivan lashed Jamaica on September 10, 2004, causing severe damage along the island’s South Coast.Housing projects to relocate dislocated families were formulated for Brighton, Westmoreland; Rocky Point, Clarendon; Portland Cottage, Clarendon; and Bourkesfield, St. Catherine.

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