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The Road Traffic Regulations – Rules of the Road

September 19, 2023
The Road Traffic Regulations – Rules of the Road

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A common rule for safe driving in Jamaica is to stay on the left side of the road. The Road Traffic Regulations 2022 outline this directive and provide other instructions for proper road usage.

General Driving – Regulation 206 (2 and 3) 

             2. Where a two-way road is comprised of two or three lanes, a driver shall not drive in the lane on the right

             3. Where a two-way road is comprised of four or more lanes, a driver of a vehicle on a road shall not drive in the lanes situated entirely on the right-hand side of the road

Prohibitions and Use of Toll Roads – Regulation 208 (1)

  1. A toll road shall not be used by:

  • pedestrians;
  • animals;
  • pedal cycles;
  • animal-drawn vehicles; and
  • vehicles (with or without a trailer) which, by virtue of their design, are incapable of attaining the minimum speed on a toll road.


Prohibitions On Overtaking – Regulation 216 (1 and 2)

             1. A driver of a vehicle shall not overtake another vehicle on a two-way road if the driver is approaching the crest of a hill or a bend, if visibility is inadequate, or where traffic signs indicate that overtaking is prohibited

             2. The driver of a vehicle shall not overtake another vehicle which is approaching a pedestrian crossing, or which is stopped immediately before a pedestrian crossing


Prohibition Against Opening of Doors of Vehicle – Regulation 225

A person is prohibited from opening the door of a vehicle, leaving the door of the vehicle open or alighting from the vehicle without ensuring that doing so would not endanger a road user.

Prohibitions Against Parking of Vehicles – Regulation 227 (1 and 2)


    1. A vehicle should not be parked:

  • on a pedestrian crossing specified in Part A of the eleventh schedule;
  • on a railway crossing or on railway tracks or so close to such tracks, that the movement of trains may be impeded.


      2.  Save and except in such spaces as may be specifically marked, a vehicle should not be parked where it would constitute danger, that is:

  • on a road, close to the crest of a hill or on a bend where visibility is not sufficient for the vehicle to be passed safely;
  • on a road beside a longitudinal road marking where subparagraph (a) does not apply, but the width of the road between the road marking and the vehicle is less than three metres and the road marking is such that vehicles approaching the road marking, on the same side, are forbidden to cross the road marking;
  • on an additional lane for slowly moving vehicles;
  • on approaches to railway crossings, intersections and bus stops;
  • in front of entrances to properties; and
  • at any point where the parked vehicle would prevent access to another vehicle which is properly parked or prevent such other vehicle from being moved.


For additional information, contact:

Island Traffic Authority
38H Maxfield Avenue
Kingston 10
Tel: 876-754-1900-1/876-754-2590-3
Email: ps@mtw.gov.jm
Website: https://mtm.gov.jm/ita
Facebook & Instagram: @mtmjamaica
Twitter: @MTMJamaica


Last Updated: October 5, 2023

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