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JUTC Looking to Expand Routes to Williamsfield and Albion

By: , September 18, 2023
JUTC Looking to Expand Routes to Williamsfield and Albion
Photo: Adrian Walker
Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, Hon. Daryl Vaz, addresses the opening ceremony of SCHIP Part A (May Pen to Williamsfield) on September 14.

The Full Story

As the Government continues to build out the country’s road network under the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (SCHIP), the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) is looking to expand operations to two routes covered by the project.

These are Williamsfield in Manchester and Albion in St. Thomas.

Telecommunications and Transport Minister, Hon. Daryl Vaz, made the disclosure at the recent opening of the SCHIP Part A (May Pen to Williamsfield) segment.

“As we build out the infrastructure, we need to provide public transportation. So, I am pleased to announce that we are looking at JUTC in relation to expanding the routes to Williamsfield and to Albion in St. Thomas.

“[We] are also opening up the routes for larger buses [that are] privately owned that can be licensed, so that we can take the schoolchildren in, and of course commuters, easily,” the Minister said.

In addition, Mr. Vaz said that six new buses will be arriving in the island in October and another 14 in January.

These will add to the 50 units recently acquired for the State-owned company, which the Minister said, have been helpful in reducing wait times at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre.

“We are presently trying to work with the Ministry of Finance and Public Service in terms of re-fleeting; more will be said on that,” he noted.


Last Updated: September 18, 2023

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