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The Road Traffic Regulations – Traffic Signs

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According to the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022, the main purposes of traffic signs are to regulate traffic, warn users of potential danger and to inform persons of direction, distance, various destinations and give general advice on use of the road (regulation 200 [1]).

Types of Traffic Signs

  • Road Signs – usually on free-standing supports, having text or graphics inscribed
  • Road Markings – directly applied to the surface of the road
  • Traffic Signals – sets of automatically operated lights that give priority of movement to conflicting traffic streams at different times

If no specific symbol is available for the regulatory or warning message, a word message may be used on the background of a regulatory or warning sign of standard shape, size and colour.

Priority Traffic Signs

  • Where there are two conflicting traffic signs:
    • A traffic signal shall have precedence over a regulatory sign
    • A traffic signal or a regulatory sign, as the case may be, shall have precedence over any other sign
  • Signals given by a constable directing traffic take precedence over those conveyed by traffic signs
  • Where a sign indicates that a left turn is permitted while the traffic light shows a steady red ball, traffic may proceed to turn left, if the way is clear, and it is safe to do so

Prohibitions for Traffic Signs

  • A person shall not:
    • Place or position a sign to obscure, alter or deface a traffic sign
    • Place or position an advertisement in the background, in front of or on the face of a traffic sign
    • Display or allow to be displayed, without the permission of the Authority, advertising material on or attached to a traffic sign
  • A person shall not use a motor vehicle to damage a road sign

Offences and Penalties

Offence Penalty – Part A Penalty – Part B

(where liability to conviction may be discharged by payment of a fixed sum)

1.       Using a motor vehicle to damage road sign On summary conviction

in a Parish Court to a

fine not exceeding

$100,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months

2.       Stopping a motor vehicle at any point within 12 metres of either side of a bus stop sign erected pursuant to these Regulations, where such point is upon the same road upon which the sign is erected On summary conviction

in a Parish Court to a

fine not exceeding $30,000 or to imprisonment for a

term not exceeding one




Common Traffic Signs

Type of Sign Description Purpose
Stop All vehicular traffic approaching such sign at the intersection where the sign is placed, shall stop before entering the intersection and give way to vehicles on the road they are approaching.
Give Way All vehicular traffic approaching such

sign shall slow down to a speed reasonable for the existing conditions or stop if necessary and shall yield the right-of-way to any traffic in the intersection or any traffic approaching from another roadway so as to constitute an immediate hazard.

No U-turn Vehicular traffic shall not make a U-turn from the direction where such a sign is posted during the period (if any) indicated on a supplementary plate.
Roundabout Drivers shall be prepared to slow down

or stop as they are approaching a


Children Drivers shall be prepared to slow down

or stop as they are approaching areas

where children most frequently traverse, to reduce the risk of a collision. The sign may also indicate that drivers are entering a “school safety zone” when used in conjunction with a

speed limit sign.


narrows, from

both sides

Drivers shall prepare to

navigate a narrow road,

where the width is less

than is normal for two-way traffic.


For additional information, contact:
Island Traffic Authority
38H Maxfield Avenue
Kingston 10
Tel: 876-754-1900-1/876-754-2590-3
Email: ps@mtw.gov.jm
Website: https://mtm.gov.jm/ita
Facebook & Instagram: @mtmjamaica
Twitter: @MTMjamaica


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