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The Road Traffic Regulations – Replacing Lost/Damaged Registration Plates/Licence Certificates/Licence Decals

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The process to replace lost or damaged licence plates, licence certificates, decals or certificates of titles is described in regulations 19 (1,2) and 20 (1-4) of the new Road Traffic Act.

Where any or all of the registration plates that are in use on a motor vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the original plates) or a certificate of title has been lost or destroyed, the owner shall:

  • Surrender any remaining original plates
  • Complete a police report
  • Complete the relevant form
  • Pay the required fees

Where a licence certificate, certificate of title or licence decal has been defaced or rendered illegible, the owner shall:

  • Complete the relevant form
  • Pay the required fees



The Authority, after receiving the fees and the relevant documentation, will issue two replacement registration plates bearing the same marks, numbers and letters as the original plates.

A replacement decal or certificate of title will also be given to the owner of the vehicle and shall have effect for the period for which the original licence certificate would have remained in force.


Willful Damage

According to regulation 18 (2), willfully defacing or mutilating a certificate of fitness, licence certificate, licence decal or certificate of title, obliterating an entry, making an entry or addition, will result in conviction in a Parish Court to a fine not exceeding $150,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.


To view the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022, please visit:



For additional information, contact:

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Email: ps@mtw.gov.jm

Website: https://mtm.gov.jm/ita

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