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According to the National Road Safety Unit in Jamaica, approximately 115 road accidents have occurred across the island since the start of 2018, with some being the result of unsafe practices on the roads.

In an effort to reduce accidents on the nation’s roads, the Road safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining consistently issues road safety tips to the public. It is believed that if these are practised, they will contribute to the protection of road users.

A range of tips exist to guide safe road practises for motorists and pedestrians, some are listed below.


Some useful tips for motorists include:
1. Use seatbelts when driving and helmets when riding motorcycles and bicycles. Use appropriate restraints for children and toddlers, according to regulations.
2. Do not operate motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while sleep deprived.
3. Avoid distractions:
– Do not use cellular phones while driving
– Do not eat while driving, as this can diminish one’s ability to maintain effective control of a motor vehicle.
– Do not play loud music; excessively loud music decreases motorists’ ability to concentrate on the road and hear essential warning sounds.
– Do not engage in distracting conversations while operating a motor vehicle.
4. Drive within the speed limit at all times.
5. Unless it is necessary, do not suddenly slow down or stop while driving on a highway.
6. Overtake only when it is safe to do so.
7. Look out for pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly.


And, for pedestrians, the following points are useful:
1. Where possible, use sidewalks. If none is available, walk on the shoulder of the road, facing the traffic.
2. Avoid distractions:
– Do not use cellular phones while walking where there is vehicular traffic.
– Do not use noise cancelling ear/head phones or play music excessively loudly while walking on the roads. These may decrease your ability to hear necessary warning sounds.
3. Cross the road only at designated points (intersections, overpasses, pedestrian crossings)
4. Increase your visibility by wearing brightly coloured clothes when out at nights.
5. Never run across roads.
6. Never play near or on roadways.

For more information, please contact the:

Road Safety Unit

145 Maxfield Avenue
Kingston 10
Tel#: 754-1900-1, 754-2811, 618-1621
Fax#: 960-2886

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