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Awarding students a place in a secondary school is the responsibility of The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI). The results of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) given in grades four, five and six are used to determine the secondary school in which students should be placed. The results of these assessments are combined and used to determine the student’s final score.

Placement Process 

Wherever possible, the MOEYI places the student in one of the preferred schools from a list previously chosen by the parents/guardians and they do not facilitate the general transfer of students from one institution to another. Therefore, an approval for transferring a student from one school to another is an arrangement between the institution and the parent/guardian.

However, MOEYI will assist with transfers in cases of proximity where a student may have been placed at a school in which they would need to travel long distances.

If parents/guardians have an issue with proximity and need assistance with a transfer from the MOEYI they can do so by completing the following steps.

Transfer Procedure

Use the MOEYI Parent Portal on the website to request a transfer.

  • Access the Parent Portal website
  • Log into your account
  • Select Help Desk
  • Select Transfer Query
  • Enter reasons for the request, the name of the school to which you are requesting a transfer, the primary or preparatory school that the child attends, and the name of the school in which your child was placed and submit.


To facilitate the process, ensure that you have collected the following documents from the primary or preparatory school.

Required Documents

  • The child’s last two reports (grades five and six).
  • A recommendation from the principal.
  • The official scoring sheet from MOEYI with the child’s grades for PEP.
  • Other documents such as the child’s birth certificate and immunisation record should also be made available.

Transfer Approval  

If the school has accepted the transfer request, the following steps must be taken:

  1. The accepting school must provide the parent/guardian with an acceptance letter, consequently, the school where the child was originally placed must also give the parent/guardian a release letter.
  2. After receiving both letters, the parent/guardian is then required to write a letter addressed to the Permanent Secretary, MOEYI requesting approval for the transfer.
  3. All letters must be taken to the respective Regional Office.
  4. The MOEYI, through the Regional Offices, will send approval letters to the accepting and releasing schools within one week from the date the letters were received.


For additional information, contact:

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information

2-4 National Heroes Circle


Telephone: 876-922-1400


Queries about PEP Email:


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