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From April 17th to May 1st, Jamaicans may purchase shares in Wigton Windfarm Limited, Jamaica’s wind energy facility. Eleven billion shares are being offered at 0.50 cents each under its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The minimum number of shares that can be purchased under this IPO is 2000. Details of the offer can be found in the Wigton Windfarm prospectus, available for download from the Jamaica Stock Exchange website.

Persons wishing to purchase shares may do so through any of the several brokerage companies authorised as legal selling agents of Wigton Windfarm shares. These include:
– Mayberry Investments Limited
– Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB)
– Jamaica National Fund Managers Limited
– Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited
– Victoria Mutual Wealth Management
– Proven Wealth Limited
– NCB Capital Markets Limited (National Commercial Bank)

Interested persons should first set up a brokerage account with any authorised selling agent. To purchase, brokerage account holders need to visit the authorised brokerage of their choosing. They will be required to provide:
– Valid identification (passport, driver’s licence, voter identification card)
– Taxpayer registration number (TRN)
– Proof of address (valid driver’s licence, utility bill, registered mail)
– Proof of income (pay slips, bank statements)
– The names and contact information of two references (eligible account holder at chosen brokerage, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion)

Application and purchasing
Applications are to be made in office at any authorised brokerage. Digital application is also available to clients of NCB Capital Markets Limited, through GoIPO, the group’s automated IPO processing portal. Applicants are required to fill out the Wigton Application form, and pay over the amount required for the desired number of shares.

For further Information, please contact:

Jamaica Central Securities Depository
Jamaica Stock Exchange Limited
40 Harbour Street
P.O.Box 1084

Tel: 876 967-3271
Fax: 876 924-9090
Prospectus link:

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